Special Travel – From Mongolia, Kazakhstan Oil, To Charity Holidays, To Conservation Trips

It is natural for humans to want to help other less privileged people, who may not be as privileged to have enough to live by or to live a meaningful life. However, charity does not have to be boring. You can have fun and make the effort even more meaningful. There are many activities to do from wildlife in Mongolia, Kazakhstan oil effects and conservation and many other activities you can take part in around the world.

If you love wildlife, there are initiatives from around the world, that will bring you closer to some of the world rare species of animals, while giving you the opportunity help in the conservation. One such initiative is the Tiger conservation in India.

Tigers in India

Tigers are not only the worlds most beautiful and majestic animals, they are also very rare and are in danger of extinction. You could stay at the Kanha National Park, where rangers and employees at this park are very experienced with conserving these Animals. You will get the opportunity to come very close to the animals, closer than many tourists who visit the park do. You will also live in boarding facilities organized by the same parks.

Cheetahs and Elephants in Africa

There are also similar opportunities in the African savanna, where you could come in close contact with wild animals in their natural habitat. In Namibia, the conservation of the fastest land mammals, the cheetahs, is at risk as farmers constantly attack them. Volunteers will get to feed the animals and will come into contact with them on a daily basis.

If you want to help the animals, there are other ways you can do it. You could pay a visit to one of the conservancies and interact with the animals. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya provides an opportunity to interact with orphaned elephants and even help feed them. There is a small fee you pay, and this goes to the conservation of these animals. Poaching of the African elephant is a big problem. The orphanage makes sure that the elephants do not face extinction.

Volunteer in Seychelles

Another exciting conservancy opportunity is in the Seychelles archipelago. The islands, which are known for its warm crystal clear waters, white beaches, exotic resorts, and a wide range of marine life, provides opportunities for volunteers worldwide. You will get to see a lot of wildlife particularly marine life like, dolphins and sharks.

If you are traveling to the Middle East or North Africa, the Kibbutz in Israel is one place that you ought to consider going. This is one area of Israel that is worth exploring mainly because it is often not covered by the international media. The community is socialist in nature and everything is provided for here.

There are many different conservation programs around the world. There has been a demand for them over the years. Some of them are designed purely for the purpose of attracting volunteers and making money and people may be exploited by such schemes. It is always advisable to do back ground checks whether it is Mongolia, Kazakhstan oil and conservation efforts, or any other conservancies around the world.

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