What’s So Special about London Lifestyle from an outside Perspective?

London has always been one of the top destinations for people around the world, particularly in the last half of the 20th century. People all over the world have chosen to go to this destination for shopping, magnificent parks, as well as experience the culture and London lifestyle. However, there are more reasons why some people are still fond of London.

River Thames

This is one of the top attractions that you should make a point of visiting, once you are in Britain. There are many ways to experience River Thames. Some people choose to take a walk along the river or ride a bike. This option is best taken when the weather is warm and fair.
The best way to experience the Thames is to go to the farthest point and take a boat. With one of the motorized barges or boats, you will get a chance to go through Westminster, Greenwich, and St Kathrines. Some of the historical sites you will see are the Tower of London, Towerbridge, Dockland, and Canary Wharf.


British museum: One of the museums you ought to visit is the British museum. It was founded in 1753, and has some of the oldest artifacts from all over the world. It is home to the Rosetta Stone, which dates back to 176BC. There are also artifacts from other parts of Europe, some that span 600 years of German history, artifacts from China’s Ming Dynasty, as well as the mummies from Egypt.

Natural History Museum: This is another museum you should visit. It is a well known natural history museum worldwide that has been dubbed as the Cathedral of Nature. The architecture of this landmark building is an eye catching design from the Victorian architecture. It has collections that are of both scientific and historical significance, such as the specimen collected by Charles Darwin.


London has for a long time been a top shopping destination. There are many shopping districts that sell the latest brands. One of them is Oxford Street. This became popular after the opening of Selfridges and Debenhams in 1909.

The 300 shops on Oxford Street attract 200million visitors every year. Selfridges is the second largest departmental store in the UK after Harrods. It is more common with ordinary people of London. Debenhams is known for its collection of quality designer clothes

Westfield Stratford City is another great place for shoppers. It is the largest shopping mall in Europe with more than 2 million square foot. It was opened in 2011 and has 250 shops selling different types of merchandise. Inside the mall you can visit Vue cinema, which is one of the largest and most advanced state of the art cinemas in the world. There are 70 hotels that offer unique dining experiences. They are divided into several groups, food courts and restaurants that provide different types of fine dining experiences.

London is also known for its magnificent parks; Hampstead Heath is one of the most magnificent parks in London located at the Trafalgar Square. The combination of Grasslands and woodlands makes it an excellent place to relax and unwind.

London Lifestyle also includes the night life. Unlike most places in the world, the nightlife is lively and there is a wide variety of music being played; whatever your expectations are for this city, you will have something for you.

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